One High Schoolers' Story of Easter Action!

By Beth Hartley

I am in Year 10 at Trinity Christian School and in the last year I have become more aware of human trafficking and the huge problem it is today. I am very passionate about lobbying against slavery and raising awareness about it. This Easter I have joined the movement against human trafficking and slavery with STOP THE TRAFFIK and their Easter campaign.

I started off by talking to my year level at one of our year meetings and told them about the problem and how they could help. I got 84 cards signed as a result of that! I also spoke to my Pastoral Care Group (PCG), which has a mix of students from Year 9 to 12.

After that, my PCG captain helped, and we got all the PCG captains on board so that all the students in the Senior Section heard about this issue and had the chance to sign a card.

I have received over 260 signed cards in total and I will be taking most of these to the manager of our local Woolworths in Erindale; and some to the manager of Coles in Chisholm.

I hope that these cards will show the managers that there are people who care about this issue and want to see an increase in the certified products they stock. Thanks to all the people who signed a card, we can make a difference and help decrease child slavery and human trafficking!

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