STOP THE TRAFFIK has identified 10 components which contribute to ending human trafficking and child labour

Annual Third Party Auditing Against International Standards Chocolate supply chains are annually audited by a Third-Party to International Standards. Partial if less than 80% of their supply chain is audited to these standards

Traceability to Farm Level The location of sourcing farms is mapped with more than 10% of total number of farms visited annually.  Partial if location of source farms is mapped. 

Committed to Sustainability Logo on 100% of Products Communication to consumers is provided on chocolate products (usually via a logo) showing that farm conditions are monitored for human trafficking and efforts have been made to eliminated it. We also look for an associated goal of having 100% of products carrying logo by a nominated date.  Partial if have a certification goal but will not be putting a label on products.

Ensuring a Living Income A commitment to working with other stakeholders to ensure a living income for cocoa farmer families, specifically through an adequate price being paid for cocoa.

Active Child Labour Monitoring An ‘Active Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System’ (CLMRS) in all communities from where cocoa programme is operated. Partial if in the implementation phase.

Community Development Program with External Impact Assessment Community-based poverty alleviation initiatives with impact assessment by an external organisation and the results publicly reported. Partial if the programs exist. Full if they are externally assessed and reported on publicly. 

Community Action Plan Devised Through Local Participation Community Action Plans with cocoa growing communities are devised with local participation and decision- making into the programme structure. Partial if Community Action Plan exists. Full if devised through local participation.

Increasing Access to Education for Children Improving access to education for children in rural communities through school, toilet and/or canteen building, school feeding programmes and/ or obtaining birth certificates. 

Program to Increase Farmer Yields  Economically empowering farmers through agricultural or business training to increase productivity and income. Effectiveness of training programmes being measured over time by tracking yield and income increases. 

Programs for Female Empowerment and Youth Inclusiveness Investing in gender empowerment and youth-inclusive programmes which aim to build resilient communities and a strong cocoa growing culture. Partial if either a gender empowerment initiative or youth inclusiveness program. Full if both initiatives or programs. 

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